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Outstanding Beauty Services

We Won the Local Hunter Business Awards Local Business Awards for "Outstanding Beauty Services"         

We would just like to take this opportunity to Thank all our wonderful loyal clients for their ongoing support. We feel blessed to have so many amazing people in our business. It was very exciting to win this Award!

  Pharo Sugar....The natural way to remove hair!
Pharo Sugar is eco-friendly and natural hair removal system. A gentle & effective method of hair removal. The sugar soaking into the follicle for removal from the root minimizing breakages and ingrown hairs, only attaching to the hair not the skin the for less pull, irritation and redness.

Contains Manuka honey, kiwi fruit, aloe and lemon juice it's aromas make for a sensory journey . Water soluble system which means no harsh chemicals are required. No mess left on your clothes or skin. Clients have seen a rapid reduction in hair and love the soft feeling on their skin. They have also reported sugaring as being less painful then traditional waxes.