Reiki Treatments are available with Our Practitioners as an alone Treatment Therapy or as an add on to all other treatments to enhance your Wellbeing and Relaxation .

Reiki is the Japanese word that means life force energy the energy that is found in all living things. 
The Usui Syste
m of Reiki is a holistic healing discipline promoting harmony and balance on all levels. Reiki enhances each individuals own uniqueness and creative abilities.


You can learn how to practise reiki for yourself through a seminar or experience Reiki through a personalised treatment available at Beautè. 

Reiki is an experience rather than something you can put into a few words. Once you have learned the art of Reiki the ability cannot be lost. It can be practised anywhere at anytime.

Learning Reiki will be one of the best investments to your wellbeing you will ever make.

#Gentle laying on of the hands # Subtle but powerful

#  Non Invasive # Non manipulative


Strengthens the bodies own healing mechanisms, Move forward onto a life of peace and balance, Unlock the blocks that maybe holding you back from reaching your dreams.


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or call the Centre on 49695562 


Reiki 1st Degree 

June 2,3,4

October 20/21/22

Reiki 2nd Degree

May 8,9,10

August 14,15,16

November 20,21,22

Reiki Weekend Getaway 


For Reiki 2nd Degree Students

Reiki Gatherings

May 6

June 24

August 26

October 28

December 16

Limited numbers for each event, dates subject to change, please contact Beaute Connection for more information and to confirm.