Beaute Products

Sothy’s Professional

Sothy’s Professional - Skin care offers a complete solution to professional treatments and home care to create a healthy balance for the body and well-being for the mind. Sothy’s formulations incorporate the latest advancements in deriving natural substances from both plant and marine origins. With their own full time scientists sothy's are always ahead of the rest with new technology and natural ingredients.


Pharo Sugar

Pharo Sugar is eco-friendly and natural hair removal system. A gentle and effective method of hair removal. The sugar soaking into the follicle for removal from the root minimizing breakages and ingrown hairs, only attaching to the hair not the skin the for less pull, irritation and redness.

Containing Manuka honey, kiwi fruit, aloe and lemon juice it's aromas make for a sensory journey whilst gentle and effective hair removal. Water soluble system which means no harsh chemicals are required. No mess left on your clothes or skin fresh and clean finish. Try today

Intraceuticals -  Hyperbaric Oxygen

Intraceuticals -  Hyperbaric Oxygen technology. Revolutionary skin care developed by bio chemists combining both medical and cosmetic sources.  Instant results, plumps, hydrates and brightens the skin. Instant hydration,instant lift, instant results. Look good feel good right now - the celebrity's choice!


Introducing the latest in natural Nail care Technology , by Jessica! Their focus is on natural nail care products and systems to look after your the wellbeing of your nails and skin. Free of toxic chemicals and gentle and protective of your natural nails while they grow. with matching polishes and gels there is no substitute for natural quality and variety of amazing colours.

Litho's Stone Therapy

Litho's Stone Therapy - Combine deep relaxation with results. A blissful sensory journey that delights. Using heated rocks as therapeutic instruments, its healing, cleansing and preventative to enhance and prolong the benefits of health and beauty.

Jo Olley Ear Candles 

Jo Olley Ear candles are Australian Made ,made from 100% natural cotton and double filtered 100 % natural handmade beeswax. Jo Olley ear candles are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic goods. ear Candling is a non invasive treatment that can help to promote and enhanced state of health.