The face tells a thousand stories and we all want our story to seem perfect, but with the exposure our skin is getting from external and internal aggressors, ageing seems to be something that we need to address. No one wants to look their age, and here are some great tools to help you access the “Fountain of Youth”.

Biological, environmental and hormonal ageing will come into play for most. Regardless of whether you are blessed with good genetics and have protected your skin from environmental aggressors, hormonal imbalances can play havoc with the skin, causing a whole host of problems.

As we age skin tends to start losing some of its elasticity and ligaments supporting the soft tissues in the face also become lax, creating loose skin. The areas where this is most noticeable are the eyelids, cheeks, neck and décolletage.

Many of the visible signs of ageing are the result of hormonal changes.

Midlife hormonal changes due to menopause affect the production of collagen and elastin fibers that give skin its tensile strength, elasticity and underlying support.

The skin’s natural protection against moisture loss also deteriorates leaving it feeling dry and rough and losing its youthful radiance. Natural functions such as the excretion of sebum (oil) diminish, reducing the skins protection against moisture loss and resulting in dry skin. Levels of hyaluronan reduce, limiting the skins ability to store and maintain moisture.

When it comes to skincare there are conflicting schools of thought as to what you should apply to your skin. There is a gentle preventative approach- whereby skincare containing high performance cosmeceuticals are used to prevent and maintain a youthful radiance to the skin. Sothys Collagen Hyaluronic Intense Treatment is perfect for this. The anti ageing home care products are the latest example of Sothys dedication to advanced scientific research and pioneering skin care creation based on science and nature.

H2CR Cosmeceutical Complex is plant based and targets cellular messenger peptides, it restores communication between cells to effectively and durably boost the pool of healthy skin cells.

Vitamins can be recommended for clients wanting to see greater anti-ageing results. Beaute Jucntion works with real food technology solutions to enhance wellbeing inside and out. Working with patented glyconutrients, they too are the basis of cellular communication, not only help to reduce the signs of ageing and turn back the clock, but also to assist the body in performing its natural functions to their fullest.

Also found in the Collagen Hyaluronic products is Natural flax, offering skin’s cell essential lipids and nutrients to boost vitality and brightness. Making the skin glow. Sothys has developed a low molecular density Hyalauronic acid in micro form serum which infuses with “injection like” efficiency into the skin, and infused Collagen amino acids to stimulate the skin’s structure. Their innovative Dill and Rye seed derivatives help strengthen the skin’s structure, stimulating the quantity and quality of elastin production.

All of the Skin care home products help to reduce dermal deterioration and the Serums help stimulate new collagen, firm skin over time and reduce discolorations.

Don’t cleanse with soap products as it will strip the skin of its natural oils and moisture barriers. Sothys cleansers are all cream based and gentle and kind to the skin. Based on your skin type, the right cleanser can be prescribed for you.

One of the biggest challenges is the ongoing battle against free radicals. These cause damage to collagen, elastin and other delicate skin components.  An effective Anti Oxidant should added to your diet to combat not only ageing but the effects that free radicals have on our entire system.  We are exposed to numerous free radicals everyday, in the air, preservatives in our food, chemicals and so on. At Beaute Junction, we work with the best Anti Oxidant on the market. 5 years in development and research AO is at the top of it’s class, targeting free radicals through 5 avenues. The only anti oxidant on the market tested in human blood and the results were amazing.

The damage is also exacerbated by the loss of hormonal protection in mid life. Which depletes the skin of its own antioxidants and luster, not to mention quality of your life including helping with stress levels, quality of sleep and sex drive. Building up your hormones with Phytosteryls, Omega 3 and your own cholesterol, further prevent oxidative damage from environmental exposure and helps to improve your sleep, your moods, temperature control and general well being.

Daily skincare should gently support the skins natural functions. It should be formulated to rebuild the skins barrier to moisture loss and to deliver power actives designed to support and reinforce the skins natural regenerative functions. Use non-stripping cream cleansers, active toners, serum and moisture prescribed to suit the individual skin. Such a routine will also reduce diffused redness and free radical activity. Be mindful not to over exfoliate the skin, we would recommend Sothys Gommage Exfoliant, which is gentle on the skin and suitable for sensitive skins and age defying or hydrating masque is the perfect solution to pick up a tired dull looking skin.

In addition, to a good skin care regimen, an investment in regular professional treatments to target the skins needs and concerns would be ideally done every month or courses of treatment facials twice a year.

Formula peels can provide similar dramatic results on ageing skin, Collagen Hylauronic facial has AHC’s (amphoroteric hydroxyl compounds) glycolic acid delivered via time release control making it 4 times more powerful, without perceptible skin irritation for most people. Sothys also has a specific Resurfacing Peeling treatment.

At Beaute Connection, We offer Usui Shiki Ryoho system of natural healing,seminars drugless and bloodless treatment. Being a non manipulative hands on healing art.

Reiki invigorates your body inside and out, bringing the body into harmony and balance. assisting the bodies natural healing mechanisms, placing your body into a meditative state for ultimate relaxation.

Once the body adjusts naturally changes takes place. Toxins that have been stored in your body for a long time eliminate. And a natural flow to your digestion takes place. With such good cleansing your body becomes active.

Your eyes will have a sparkle and your skin will begin to glow.

With your body back in balance it is possible for your body to Rejuvenate so you feel and look younger. Reiki gives you a new vitality and in turn affects the quality of your life. Reiki is a Desired way to Health and Happiness.

Working with the Mind,the Body and your Environment with numerology, feng Shui colour therapy and Reiki, We offer a 6 step transformation program to help people reach their full potential to "living a beautiful life" for more information on this program you can email or call 49695562